A Collection of
Award-Winning Poetry


Intro by the Author:

This book contains all my out of print chapbooks (mini-collections of an authorís work usually published by smaller presses.)

The chapbooks published within include:

Moon Canoes, published by Dark Regions Press, 1994

(Im)mortal, published by Shadowfire Press, 1996

Scrying The River Styx, published by Anamnesis Press, 1999

Autumn Phantoms, published by Flesh and Blood Press, 2000

Dreams of Decadence Presents: Wendy Rathbone, published by DNA Publications 2002

Dancing in the Haunted Woodlands, published by Yellow Bat Review, 2003

Vampyria, published by Eye Scry Publications, 2005


She Sleeps With Vampires

She sleeps with vampires
courting velvet breaths
chill-stopped hearts

 Wrapped in her arms
like teddy bear thoughts
purple lips trembling
at her quiet throat
they love her more than
somber rain
more than autumn
more than ash-soft hearths of night.  


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170 pages

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