A Deliciously Dark
Male/Male Vampire Tale

"The virtuosity shown here is only the beginning of a pyrotechnic talent unfolding into the hidden dimensions of the human and nonhuman spirit." 
-Jacqueline Lichtenberg

"Sensual! Sexy! Surreal!"
-North County Times

"A literary triumph where the undead
have more heart & soul than the living."
-The Readers


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Ms. Van Hise is the author of the controversial STAR TREK novel, KILLING TIME, as well as many other novels and non-fiction titles.

Set against a backdrop of contemporary culture, SONS OF NEVERLAND explores the universal questions of life & death, sex & love - the most crucial challenges every human being faces. Told in the poetic voice of myth, SONS OF NEVERLAND explores one man’s grief as it plunges him into the realm of the vampire. Here, Stefan encounters Miquel, who is destined to become his maker. But the price of immortality is high and the vampire warns, “Through my blood you will learn a secret which will compel you to live forever, yet a secret so profane it will haunt you for all eternity."

The secret will haunt you, too.


One Amazon Reviewer said...

"What Sons of Neverland resembled to me was the creative hagiographies of Nikos Kazantzakis, where a few stylized characters deliver a message that goes way beyond the parameter of the characters themselves. And much like Kazantzakis, this book zones on the question of immortality. However, this is not just the decadent historical immortality of the long-lived vampire, it is immortality as a change in one's perception. This is the story behind the story, delivered by characters that are hyper-real - each one loaded with symbolism. Sons of Neverland will have you filled, even brimming over with the sense of Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans. Go there for a full helping of the numinous."



We hope you will give SONS OF NEVERLAND the opportunity to not only entertain you with its erotic and sensual descriptions, but to also challenge YOUR mind in the way any controversial work of "fiction" may well be a mildly disguised look at the absurd reality in which we all live...

Readers have compared SONS OF NEVERLAND to the works of Anne Rice, Carlos Castaneda, and Anais Nin. One reader summed it up as follows: "SONS OF NEVERLAND is one of the most erotic books I've ever read. It made me believe in the power of the human heart and gave me a real glimmer of hope that maybe we CAN live forever if we can get past the idea that tells us we can't. I found it totally uplifting regardless of the gritty story In the end, it made me realize that light can't exist without darkness. Thank you for a truly exceptional read!" (Charlene J.)

A novella-length preview of this book is available for
free on Smashwords.  The novella is entitled Kiss of the Black Angel, and represents the first 5 chapters of "Sons of Neverland."

334 pages
Trade Paperback (6 x 9")
ISBN: 9780989793882
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Some EROTIC content
May not be suitable for pre-teens

Reviewed on Amazon

 Sons of Neverland is the story of one man's search for the meaning in the seemingly senseless death of his daughter. It is a journey through a world he'd never dreamed existed, a world his daughter had stumbled into during her own search for meaning in life. The main story follows Stefan as he meets a mysterious man who turns out to be a vampire in search of his own place in the scheme of life, death and what he has discovered in between.

There is a definite sensual atmosphere as Stefan finds himself intrigued and possibly even in love with Miquel, the vampire in the story.

Overall, I found Sons of Neverland to be enthralling, intriguing and intensely erotic. I would recommend Sons of Neverland to any vampire fan but also to anyone interested in the search for meaning in life and beyond. 


   Trembling, lost, I clutched my arms to my chest, leaning heavily against the dirty brick wall for a long time. 'For now, you must return to the dayshine world and make your peace with your mirror'.

Miquel's warning came back to me, though I knew now he hadn't been referring to the looking glass above the sink.  The world was my mirror, reflecting back at me whatever I put into it, whether carnivals from the phantasm or a hobo who was only a visiting zephyr.

   The people and the dogs and the props looked real enough, but I was starting to suspect they weren't as solid as I'd once believed, and indeed, they were probably hustled off at dusk to an abandoned factory where they slept a dreamless sleep until some other isolated traveler thought them back into existence.  For when darkness came calling again, this whole vast stage would fold in on itself to be reborn as a carnival that existed only at night and brought its own sun in the form of neon lights and kaleidoscope vampyre eyes.

   Like all men, I was afraid of death and I was most certainly afraid of change, so it stood to reason I was terrified of this thing Miquel had offered me, for it meant I would no longer have the luxury of looking at the world the same way.  It meant acknowledging a fourth dimension of sorts, an underworld where vampyres walked the night and death was the blink of an eye instead of an endless black sleep.

   If we stripped away the social taboos and could ever confess what we truly believe, I doubt there would be more than a handful of souls who really believe in heaven, and those would be captured within the pale green walls of asylums or cloistered inside dank monasteries.

   We all pretended to believe in some nebulous afterlife, but no one really did.  We hired gurus to search for our truths and doctors to find cures for our ailments, instead of eradicating the source of the ailments themselves:  the belief that we would die.   Death, therefore, had become an institution, nursed at the breasts of undertakers and all complacent fools.  But faith could no more save my life than wine and wafer could raise me from the dead.

   There was no miraculous snake-oil on the 6 o'clock news which would cure me of my mortality.  There was only Miquel and his deep red kiss.  Take it or leave it.  Live or die.

    Now or never....


     "Perhaps there's no such thing as true physical immortality, for even the sun will burn out one day," Miquel conceded. "But barring such cataclysm, we can live forever.  There are other worlds, other quantum dimensions.  When we're done searching through the rubble of this universe, we'll simply go someplace else."

     I had to look him in the eyes again, touched by the very misery of which he so casually spoke.  "But what's the point?" I asked.  "If your contention is true - that happiness doesn't exist except in the search for it - why should any being want to live forever?"

     He smiled again, relaxed and entirely radiant as the rain began falling a little faster.  "There are other things besides happiness."

     "Oh?" I prompted.

     "Love, for one," he ventured, a casual offering.

     I glanced away, watching the storm scratch at the mirrored sky of the creek.

     "I went into the city last night," I told him, remembering my revelations.  "And of all the mortals I drank from in an effort to quell this strange thirst, the one thing all of them had in common was their abject hatred of love.  Oh, they all want it - every living thing craves it! - but is it love they want or only to be always searching..."

     And in the middle of my sentence, when I was arguing a philosophical point with my vampyre maker, I suddenly knew what he was trying to make me see.  What terrified me was that I didn't want to see it so clearly.

     Love was the only reason any of us had for living, yet it was a reason that had nothing to do with happiness.  Love was its own exegesis, the illusion which was its own reflection in an endless hall of mirrors.  Reason enough for death, reason enough for immortality.

     Our eyes met in the water.  Raindrops gathering on his hair caught the light, airbrushing a cool silver halo above his head.  For a moment, I couldn't breathe when I remembered what this fallen angel had done to me.

     "Love terrifies me," I confessed as if to a holy man.  Paralyzed with the thought of it, I could barely think at all.

     The dark angel smiled at his own reflection.  "Good," he pronounced easily, and I saw just the tips of his dangerous fangs.  "Then there's hope for you yet, my friend."

     And with that, he took me firmly by the arm and led me in out of the rain.



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