Turn Left at November
Wendy Rathbone

Winterís Shelf

hidden pathways to the moon
the northís blue breath
amethyst dusks
winter wind bottled
and sold here

A beautiful little chapbook by award-winning poet, Wendy Rathbone.

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The Effect of Moonlight on Tombstones
(A Dark Little Collection of Poetry Gleaned From the Gnosis of Vampires and Songs of the Muse)

Della Van Hise


Candles keep journals
of time's passing
in empty books of matches.


"Poetry is the streaming download
from the broken heart of the universe."

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Wendy Rathbone




She Sleeps With Vampires

She sleeps with vampires
courting velvet breaths
chill-stopped hearts

 Wrapped in her arms
like teddy bear thoughts
purple lips trembling
at her quiet throat
they love her more than
somber rain
more than autumn
more than ash-soft hearths of night. 


A collection of the chapbooks of Wendy Rathbone.


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