Lace is a being from another dimension on Earth. He cannot die and humans call his kind “vampire” and declare war on them.

Firi is a human military soldier, a trained guard, who has met Lace twice in his young life and formed a bond with him.

In a world where humans and vampires are arch enemies, where vampires are eradicated in horrible ways, where being a vampire-lover means a death sentence, can Firi and Lace ever find each other again and explore the feelings they have for each other?

Will Lace be able escape his government prison, and the amnesia that keeps him from accessing his true powers?

Can Firi, the boy he met in the woods ten years ago, ever hope to help him?

A male/male romance about secrets that can get you killed, impossible rescues, and old lovers who cannot be trusted.

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6x9" Trade Paperback
254 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-942415-06-0
Also available in PDF Format
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An Amazon Reviewer said...

I fell in love with these characters, Lace and Firi, because, being written by Wendy, I couldn't help myself. She has such a delicate touch when she writes about the transformative powers of love, and a way of developing characters so that their problems, and their goals, become the readers. They become, frankly, my problems and goals, and hence I got sucked into this story so fast, that I did not want to stop reading it. Plus I love her way of describing Lace's tattered clothes, somehow so fitting for a vampire in prison,his streaming hair, his graceful gestures, all of it combines together to create this wonderfully provocative being after whom the book is titled.

Better still, in my mind, is the character of the young human man, Firi, who carries a secret within him, that he is in love with a vampire. In his world, vampires are dangerous creatures to be hunted and experimented on. So when Firi finds out that Lace is being kept, well, he doesn't go in with guns blazing, instead he devises a plan of rescue. A sensible, well thought-out strategy that while it is sure to succeed, is fraught with peril, which I adore.

Wendy's writing is always top-notch, and she carries me away with her poetic prose. This sexy, well-crafted story reminds me, as does most of Ms. Rathbone's work, with the books and stories of Ray Bradbury - within the pages of "Lace," there is melancholy, there is beauty, and there is a trail of tattered autumn leaves throughout.


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