by Della Van Hise

A Novel of Love, Honor
and Personal Sacrifice...

When River Willows is accused of a murder she didn't commit, her life takes a turn toward the sanctuary of a world existing at right-angles to our own. Combining the mysticism of martial arts and the romantic conflict of a young woman torn between two powerful men, COYOTE takes the reader on an epic journey of dangerous secrets, military cover-ups, and the infinite heart of the peaceful warrior.


"So who's Coyote?" I asked, trying to ignore the effect he was having on me. "You?"

Steale laughed easily, though it did little to hide the torment behind that mask of indifference he wore so well.

"Coyote's a scavenger, Jack of all trades. The Native Americans call him the trickster - the one who brought chaos down on the world." He shrugged as if altogether unconcerned. "Original sin."

"Is that what you are?" I asked, keeping it light despite the growing knot my stomach. "Original sin?"

He kept his profile to me, eyes straight ahead as he drove. "Sure you want to know?"

I couldn't help wondering if I had cornered the coyote, or if the clever trickster had cornered me.

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6x9 Trade Paperback
334 Pages
ISBN: 978-0976689782
Also available in PDF or Kindle Format
Signed by the Author

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By the author of KILLING TIME
without a doubt the most controversial
STAR TREK novel ever published!





One Amazon Reviewer said...

Coyote is a layered, imaginative and visionary novel on many levels. As always, Van Hise's writing is masterful in its subtlety and control yet always involving and surprising. She knows exactly how to employ her unique and evocative style to best effect. The novel itself is as complicated as the concept of the title. The sense of danger is always maintained while giving us a deep insight into the characters and their complicated relationships. I read this when it first came out and it has remained with me. River's life will never be the same, and the reader will experience reality in a different context after reading "Coyote."


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